About Highway 97 South
In April 2007 I packed up my PT Cruiser and cruised off for a seven-day roadtrip to explore the Pacific northwest via Highway 97. Hightailing it north for two full days, I finally arrived at the beginning of my Highway 97 excursion in Prince George, British Columbia.

Then I spent the next five days travelling 1,170 miles south to the end (or beginning) of Highway 97 in Weed, California. Along the way I stayed in Kelowna BC, Yakima Wash­ing­ton, Bend Oregon and Klamath Falls Oregon. I also took the opportunity to explore a few places off the beaten-Highway-97-path, like Crater Lake in Oregon and the Lava Beds National Monument in California. In all, PT and I cruised 2,828 miles!

Of course I took lots of pictures...772 to be exact! I used the best ones to create an 11.5 by 15 inch printed Highway 97 photo book through MyPublisher.com (although since then I have switched to Blurb.com).

Because you probably won't be stopping by my house to see this book, I decided to put it online so more people can enjoy it. I won't say much else about the trip, but just let the pictures themselves communicate what can be found along Highway 97.

There were only two major negative experiences on my trip. Around Yakima, my tire picked up an undesirable object — a three and one quarter inch nail — but an early-opening tire shop took care of that lickety-split (see page 17).

Unfortunately, my other negative experience wasn't over so quickly. At the border coming back into the United States, the border guards decided that I must fit the profile of a terrorist, so I had to pull into a warehouse, get out of the car, go inside the office, empty all my pockets (slowly, no sudden moves!), lift up my pant legs to show that I didn't have any                               

knives in my socks (!), and then wait a long time while they inspected my car and pawed thoroughly through ALL my luggage.

C'mon guys! I'm a citizen of this country! I was born at an army base! One thing I clearly realized is that with all of the fear gripping this country, the terrorists have already won. Imagine if I had looked Middle-Eastern ... I might have been in Guantanamo Bay by now! Welcome back to the USA, land of the "free"!

All of the photos on this trip were shot with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50. While not even close to a professional camera, still, I was amazed at how well many of the photos turned out. But for my next road trip I'm planning on using a much better camera — I can't wait to see how those photos will turn out!

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